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just don't lose the money


rULE #1, JUST DON'T LOSE THE MONEY. rULE #2, Don't forget rule #1. 

For a limited time while supplies     last, Boston radio celebrities Richard Rubino and Sam Liang are offering free copies of their book, Just Don't Lose the MoneyWhether you have money in stocks, in the bank, or in real estate, this book will help you make good decisions and confident choices when something needs to change. You will learn:

  • How to minimize or eliminate the risk that you might lose some of the money, whether it is risk in growing your assets, risk in getting income out of them, or risk in the distribution of assets to your heirs.
  • How retirement plans work and how you can help pay for your grandkids to go to college -- with some benefits for yourself along the way. 
  • How insurance works and why you might want to make some asset protection decisions ahead of a crisis situation when your options are narrowed and don't allow as much room to maneuver.
  • Tips so that the government isn't taking more than it is entitled to and you are fully utilizing the tax-saving alternatives the Internal Revenue Code provides for.