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Our approach is simple: We offer real solutions to today’s problems. We want to make sure you don’t outlive your money and that your assets, both money and real estate, are protected for you and your family.

Our firm is equipped to deal with the myriad of challenges facing today’s pre- and post-retirees face. In the past, estate planning meant something as simple as getting a new will. Today, estate planning could be considered estate management. This could include anything from updating your old will to protecting your estate from estate taxes. It could also mean making sure you have enough money at retirement, or protecting your house from a nursing home disaster.

Request a consultation today and discover our process.

This meeting is zero pressure and we will not ask you to commit to anything.

We take the 1-hour appointment to get to know you, give you the opportunity to learn about what we do and determine if you could benefit from our retirement planning services. (In office or virtual meeting)

Step 1 – The Discovery Stage

Our first meeting will be devoted to learning about your goals and collecting data.

Step 2 – Analyze Stage

We now go to work. - After research and analysis, we will put together your 365 Retirement Plan™ to address top areas of concern, including growth, income, LTC, legacy and estate planning.

Step 3 – Recommendation Stage

During our second meeting, we will review your own 365 Retirement Plan™ to see if you are on track, and also give you our Probability of Success analysis.

Step 4 – Implementation Stage

Implement changes and suggested strategies towards a safe and fulfilling retirement.

Step 5 – Success and Monitor Stage

Congratulations! Ongoing review and monitoring of your 365 Retirement Plan™.

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